AIE Attracts Students from Near and Far Away

AIE Attracts Students from Near and Far Away

The Academy of Interactive Entertainment is proud to have many talented artists and programming students from across the United States at our Seattle and Lafayette campuses. Their talents and aspirations bring them from afar to AIE.

As students look for opportunities to increase their skills via higher education in Game Art & Animation, Game Programming, and 3D Animation & VFX for Film, the field is wide open as to who may apply. So while the majority of our students come from Seattle or Lafayette and surrounding areas, many come from other states seeking careers in this ever-growing field. Some of the states that have brought us qualified and inspired students include: Colorado, California, Kentucky, Alaska, Montana, Ohio, Virginia, Nevada, Arizona, and Hawaii.

A key element of this is that as a non-profit career college, AIE has a single set tuition. There is no difference between the fees for in-state or out-of-state students.

At both our Seattle and Lafayette campuses, AIE is proud to assist those creative individuals from across the country who wish to pursue a career in gaming and film. In 2017, AIE Seattle began accepting international students, so we can’t wait to see where our students will be coming from next!