AIE Guest Speaker Jordan Vidrine

AIE Guest Speaker Jordan Vidrine

Jordan Vidrine is a local musician working from a tiny second floor studio in rural Eunice, Louisiana. Vidrine is a graduate of University of Louisiana at Lafayette where he studied Industrial Design, and shortly after began his journey as a self-taught musician.

AIE Lafayette’s second year students are currently working on one of their final assessments, a finalized game demo that they pitched earlier this year to industry professionals. One of the major challenges they were facing was that they wanted new, unique music that was specifically catered to the sound of their game - which is when Vidrine stepped in! He graciously offered his services to our students in order to make their experience truly memorable.

When Vidrine visited us, he discussed his recent influences of the retro sound found in the Stranger Thing’s sound track, and his long standing influence of NIN dating back to his early interest in high school.

His electronic solo act of ambient work can be found under the handle Skies Speak skiesspeak.com where he experimentally crafts sound into song.